December 20, 2015 at 11:14PM

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“当我们开始懂得珍惜某样东西的时候,它往往已经不存在了。 青春就是这样,岁月匆匆流去,留下的只有对往事的回忆..”

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“I’m looking forward to sharing posts from time to time about things I’ve learned in my career at Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. (I also post frequently on my blog.) Last month, I went to Omaha for the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.”

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“High EQ leadership” is the key to the future competition. The core of the leadership is influence; the increase of influence is based on the EQ cultivation. A global execution research company has pointed out “the chief executive has been hired because of intelligence and business talent, was laid off because of the lack of emotional intelligence”. According to the IBM survey on 1700 chief executive from 64 countries, has got 3 influential characteristic: 1. Pay close attention to customer requirements; 2. Team cooperation ability; 3. The ability of inspiring others. These characteristics are not based on leaders’s cultivation on EQ. When a high EQ leader uses the influence based on emotional intelligence, the team will be like the SunZi’s art of War“All the people with one purpose will win”. This course provides the emotional intelligence cultivation and leadership style expansion. Enhance the participants’ EQ and influence, deepen the core of excellent leadership, play the biggest personal leadership potential, provide the positive energy to yourself and everyone around.


“For the past 30 years my company has been involved in creating over 2,500 different performance-based job descriptions that define the actual work a person needs to do to be considered successful.”

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